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The Present


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Nardis 56K  Broadband
Little Zochee 56K  Broadband
The Present 56K  Broadband
Day Play 56K  Broadband
Impromptu 56K  Broadband
Fiesta Espagnole 56K  Broadband
Stella By Starlight 56K  Broadband
The Peacocks 56K  Broadband
Lovers Know 56K  Broadband
Big Oscar 56K  Broadband
Perugian Moonlight 56K  Broadband

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Alan Simon - Piano
Bass - Pat O'Leary, Jeff Halsey, John Goldsby
Tenor Sax - Ralph Lalama, Ernie Krivda
Alto Sax - Thomas Chapin
Baritone Sax - Glenn Wilson
Guitar - Rory Stuart
Drums -Tom Melito, John Hazilla, Tim Pleasant, Neil Tufano
We hear a lot about interpretation in Jazz. But who better to interpret an original composition that the musician who conceived and wrote it? That's what pianist and composer Alan Simon has done with his latest album. He plays and presents several of his own originals and has invited his various musical colleagues who also contributed tunes to this project to join in playing them as well. Things not only hang together nicely here but nicely flow from tune to tune as well. Much of that is due to Simon's playing and his skillful sequencing of the tracks. The title tune, for example, has a gently melodic feel and is played by a quartet. It's immediately followed by a more intense bop number featuring the guitar and two horns. But the tune opens with the baritone sax laying down long, flowing lines and concludes with Simon's piano solo...which he follows with a solo piano track of his own that leads into a Latin Jazz piece with Simon taking the opening solo, only this tim! e pounding out some Latin piano chords. The album title alludes to the present as in a moment in time. But it's Mr.Simon's skill in presenting the album's music that makes the difference in the time you'll spend listening to it.